Capstone: Decree System

In our capstone game, we also have a decree/commission system. This system is designed to give the player a constant stream of random quests to complete. The basic functionality is when a player interacts with the decree board they will be able to select 2 of 4 random quests. Once they’re both completed, all 4 quests re-roll and they can then choose another.

The random quests are split into 4 different difficulty tiers; Common, Rare, Heroic, and Mythic. The tier will impact how hard/long the quest is as well as the amount of loot at the end. The quest is created fully through code, so all the user needs is the RandomQuest script. The title, objective, type, rewards, and amount of each are all randomized every time creating a unique experience.

Random Quest script ready to be used

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